Offered in conjunction with Osteopathic treatment. Involves the insertion of a fine filament needle into muscular knots known as Trigger Points, which are often quite irritable and have the tendency to cause referred pain and dysfunction. 

Your Osteopath uses dry needling to deactivate specific Trigger Points  with the aim of providing relief from pain, restoring muscle function, relaxing muscle tension and spasm, decreasing local joint restrictions (and therefore improving joint mobility), and improving local nerve conduction, lymphatic flow (which reduces local swelling) and blood supply.

                                                                                                                                                          Rather than solely focus on your main complaint, we will

                                                                                                                   assess your entire body to identify (and rectify) the primary

                                                                                                                                                          causative and contributing factors that have maintained 

                                                                                                                                                          your pain, discomfort, tension or imbalance.


                                                                                                                                                          We take into consideration lifestyle factors, occupation,

                                                                                                                    posture, pillow support, habits/hobbies and diet to assist

                                                                                                                    you in altering any negative patterns that may be

                                                                                                                    compromising your body in any way. For instance, tension

                                                                                                                                                           that may arise in your lower back due to an occupation

                                                                                                                    that requires prolonged sitting may lead to compensation

and adaptation throughout your body which can then effect the way you walk, stand or sit and may in turn cause inflammation, pain, joint stiffness and excessive muscle tension. By identifying and removing these restrictions, we allow for better total body health and enable efficient functioning of the musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

We pride ourselves on outstanding and effective professional patient care. We will offer you friendly, superior Osteopathic treatment, advice (e.g. rehabilitative, lifestyle, ergonomic, postural), stretches,  exercises and effective management to help you achieve and maintain an optimal state of well being so that you're better able to continue living your life and doing the things you love without restriction or pain!

Why choose us?

Mirna harbours an enthusiastic passion for Osteopathy and enjoys introducing patients to the numerous holistic benefits that Osteopathic treatment provides. Mirna's immense passion for wanting to help people and positively influence their lives led her toward the gratifying Osteopathic profession and saw her graduate from RMIT University upon successful completion of both her Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Osteopathy degrees.

Mirna has a special interest in treating geriatric/elderly patients, performers and athletes, and has worked closely with these groups. She also enjoys treating individuals who suffer from chronic conditions which may include postural ailments, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Mirna aims to help her patients achieve optimal functionality and well being, pain free mobility and an improved quality of life, and tailors her treatment approach to suit each individuals unique condition. Mirna prides herself on her patient centred care and on empowering patients with long term self management, rehabilitative, ergonomic and lifestyle strategies so that they are able to better help themselves and allow the natural healing ability of their body to occur without constant compromise. Mirna also offers the highly beneficial Trigger Point Dry Needling and Kinesiotaping in conjunction with Osteopathic treatment. 

In her spare time, Mirna enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, being an active member in her church community, volunteering and exploring her personal interests in theatre, comedy and music (Backstreet Boys and Ellen DeGeneres are favourites!). Mirna also hopes to expand upon her current expertise and pursue her professional interests within the fields of medicine and geriatrics.

Meet Our Osteopaths

                                            Non - invasive manual therapy that focuses on

                                                           physical treatment and strengtheningof the entire

                                                            body as an integrated unit, with specific emphasis

                                                            on the biomechanics of the musculoskeletal

                                                            system (including joints, muscles, ligaments etc.) 

                                                            and the influence on the circulatory, nervous              

                                                            and lymphatic systems.


                                                            Osteopaths assess the body holistically,

                                                            understanding that structure and function are inter-

                                             related. That is, if a structure (e.g. muscle, bone,
                                             ligament, internal organ etc.) within the body is
                                             compromised for any reason (e.g. repetitive strain, trauma, stress), its function will subsequently be compromised and altered. Therefore, via this link, treatment of one region of the body is likely to positively affect a distant region. It is through this understanding that Osteopaths aim to relieve pain, inflammation, tension and restrictions of movements, joints, or connective tissue.

Using thorough evaluation, diagnostic skills and a broad spectrum of effective treatment techniques, Osteopaths aim to help your body achieve optimal function and health. They aim to restore balance to, and remove obstructions of, the bodily systems, and also encourage the body's self healing ability.

Osteopaths are government registered Allied Health practitioners who have completed a five year Bachelor and Masters degree in Osteopathic manual medicine.

Dry Needling

What is Osteopathy?

Chris has always had a keen interest in fitness, rehabilitation and helping people, so Osteopathy was an obvious career choice! Upon completion of his Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Osteopathy degrees, Chris pursued a sports orientated career in Osteopathy. He has a special interest in treating sports injuries and has enjoyed working closely with numerous athletic groups.

Chris believes in the body's natural ability to heal itself once it is provided with the means to do so, and therefore focuses his treatment approach on this model. Through effective early intervention, treatment, rehabilitation and management, Chris aims to help his patients return to their desired activities (e.g. sport, work) in the nearest possible time. Chris also utilises Trigger Point Dry Needling and Kinesiotaping to help achieve positive results for his patients and enhance their recovery. 

In his spare time, Chris enjoys adventures with his family and friends, exploring the world one mini getaway at a time, exercising, supporting his mighty North Melbourne Kangaroos and volunteering in his local community. In addition to working as a locum for Compass Osteopathy, Chris also works with different companies to help their injured employees return to work in the nearest possible time through effective management and rehabilitation.

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Dr. Chris Thompson

B. App. Sc (Comp. Med.), M. (Osteo) 

Dr. Mirna Abdelmalek

B. App. Sc (Comp. Med.), M. (Osteo)