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Conditions we help Treat and Manage

Conveniently located in both Coburg North and Footscray, our Osteopaths specialise in manual therapeutic treatment of the musculoskeletal system and aim to improve your total body health, function and well being. We want to help eliminate your aches and pains so that you live your life optimally, spending more time doing the things you love. 

Whether you've recently sustained an injury, are worried about your posture or simply want a full spinal and body check-up, our expert Osteopaths are here to help you. We offer safe and effective hands on treatment techniques including deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation/articulation, muscle resistance exercises, gentle joint manipulation, muscle stretching, Dry Needling and Kinesiotaping. 

           Muscle strains & tendinopathies                                             Neck, Upper and Lower Back Pain

           Hip, knee or ankle pain                                                            Sports injuries 

           Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                                                          Spinal disc injuries 

           Joint Pain, Arthritis                                                                  Sciatica

           Postural related problems                                                       Tennis/Golfers elbow 

           Whiplash                                                                                  Fibromyalgia

           Pregnancy related pain                                                            Neuropathies   

           Repetitive strain injuries                                                         Headaches & Migraines


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